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We help with T&Cs drafting, competition permits / trade promotion lottery permits and random draws in Australia

Find out instantly whether you need a competition/promotion permit

Save time and complete one form

We manage the approval process quickly

Generate compliant terms and conditions for your competition/promotion

Use our government approved random draw picker

Permit application

Complete our online form and we will manage the submission for you with each state department, to ensure that your permit is approved quickly.

$175 (ex GST)
(plus gov fees)

Random draw

Use our government approved random draw picker to ensure the winner selection is compliant. Upload the entries and we'll provide the list of winners.

$150 (ex GST)

Terms and conditions

Let us draft the terms and conditions for you. Our wizard will provide you with a compliant terms and conditions document tailored to your promotion.

$150 (ex GST)
Games of skill
$200 (ex GST)
Games of chance
Start now
or call 1300 123 600 to speak to us about your requirements, including competition draws.

Customer Reviews

Reviews by customers of TPAL's services:

  • Assistance with Competition Permits (Trade Promotion Lottery Permits)
  • Competition Terms and Conditions Drafting
    • Games of Chance
    • Games of Skill
  • Certified Electronic Random Draws with Independent Scrutiniser

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Cost effective


Available 24/7

Managed service

Email reminders

Why should I use TPAL to apply for competition permits / trade promotion lottery permits?

  • We are an Australian national online service
  • Our interactive form checks you submit all that is required
  • We manage all communication with the states on your behalf
  • Use the TPAL terms and conditions wizard to instantly generate your T&Cs
  • One form to apply for multiple competition/promotions across states
  • Email reminders about important compliance tasks
  • Use the TPAL government approved random draw picker
  • Used by brands, agencies, and law firms
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