Random draws in Australia.
Competition/prize/lottery/raffle draws (online/electronic)

Random draw competitions/promotions are "Games of chance" that involve the winner(s) being selected randomly as opposed to "Games of skill" where all entries are assessed and a winner(s) chosen based on their skill.

Random draw competitions/promotions are regulated separately by each Australian state and territory. This means that you need to adhere to the state/territory in which the competition/promotion will run. If the competition/promotion is open to residents of all states, that is, a national competition/promotion, you will need to ensure that the random draw complies with the regulations and legislation of every state and territory.

Specifically, ACT, SA, NT and NSW may require you to apply for and obtain a competition/promotion permit called a trade promotion lottery permit. The requirements are variable and depend on the specifics of the promotion, e.g. the prize value, how the random draw will be done, how the competition/promotion will be promoted, etc. Whilst the other states do not require a permit, you need to comply with their regulations and legislation. See our page on competition permits for more info.

In addition to the SA promotion license, SA require you to obtain approval to use your random draw system, if it is electronic. The process to apply for approval of your random draw system takes time (weeks) and involves you getting an independent person to review the system and provide information about the random draw method and security controls in place.

Note that whilst NSW does not assess your random draw system, you still need to prepare the paperwork and have the system independently reviewed.

TPAL's Electronic Random Draw System Approval

If you have access to a random draw system, like TPAL's Electronic Random Draw System which is approved for use in all Australian states (including SA and NSW), i.e., it is "pre-approved", you do not need to have it assessed again. You will need to provide the approval number and you will generally need to confirm that the system has not changed since it was approved. Note that only SA requires an approval number, NSW no longer issues or requires approval numbers.

We also operate a self-service third party random draw service that is accredited and can be used as a stand-alone service. For further information, please visit randomdraws.com.au™.

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