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The requirements for your promotion will change depending on how your prizes are awarded. Choose from one of the following options to get started.

Game of chance

What you get:

  • Compliance management
  • Permit application (if applicable)
  • Random draw (optional)
  • Terms and conditions (optional)

A chance based promotion awards prizes purely by random draw. No review of entries is required. The methods used to randomly select a winner vary, and some have specific government requirements.


Game of skill

What you get:

  • Terms and conditions - game of skill
    • Personalised PDF document
    • Hosted download link

A skill based promotion awards prizes based on the entrants' skills. For example, a 25 words or less answer may be required to enter, and a panel of judges will determine which answer is best.


For more information on "Game of skill" and "Game of chance", click here.

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